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Interim Management

We offer a comprehensive interim management portfolio, including C-level managers, freelancers, and consultants. We leverage innovative employment models to connect our clients with specialists who provide solutions for immediate challenges and support in growth and transformation processes.

  • C-level managers to steer company leaders and departments
  • Experts proficient in digital transformation, e-commerce, marketing automation or data science
  • Freelancers of all specialisations and sectors from Finance, FMCG to IT and Life Sciences
  • Consultants contributing strategic and specialized expertise

What is your specific requirement?

How can we support?

Business transformation


  • Company reorganization
  • Digital transformation
  • Business model change
  • Process optimization
  • Building a new department/structure

Crisis management


  • Supporting leaders and teams during a crisis or significant organizational change
  • Challenges arising from dynamic company growth
  • Negative PR surrounding the company
  • Risk of layoffs

Strategic project implementation


  • Opening a new branch
  • Developing a new product/service or launching it to the market
  • Developing business or marketing strategies
  • Support in tender projects
  • M&A processes

Urgent recruitment


  • Temporary hiring of an expert in case of a sudden vacancy
  • Assistance in team management in case of sudden manager departure

Time share executives

Part-time employment, alternative employment models

  • Access to specialists with unique knowledge who do not want to be full-time (e.g., SEO, web analytics, graphic design)
  • Building a team based on external specialists in case of lack of funds for full-time positions

Interim executives

Team Development and Company Knowledge

  • Skills audit
  • Market benchmarks
  • Training
  • Advice on the development of new tools

The interim management market is growing. We complete over 300 assignments per year.

Our Essential Tools and Methodology

A global database

Global Database of Experts

Broad spectrum of interim management profiles.

Le Club 5000

Club 5000

A vibrant community of experts extending our reach.

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Our research centres

Our Search

Specialist team trained in advanced search techniques.

A disruptive digital strategy

Digital Recruitment

Using video content and social media for talent attraction.

A disruptive digital strategy

Knowledge Assessment and Evaluation

Ensuring the right skill fit for your needs.

Our Recruitment Specializations

  • Banking and Fintech
  • Digital and E-commerce
  • Engineering and Production
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Retail and FMCG
  • Sales, Marketing and Communications
  • Supply Chain and Logistics

Meet Rafał, Your Interim Management Contact at Morgan Philips Poland

Rafał's expertise spans:

  • Leadership in international companies and his own start-up.
  • Bridge-building between companies and specialists.
  • Holding development-focused corporate board roles.
  • Launching innovative companies and services.
  • Advising on digital transformation and growth.
  • Building and equipping digital/e-commerce teams.
  • Jury participation in major marketing competitions.
xavier bézio portrait

Rafal Ciszewski

Contact Email

Tel: +48 696 444 189

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