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Our Middle East & Africa team

Marion Navarre portrait

Marion Navarre

Managing Director

Marion manages the Morgan Philips Middle East & Africa operations. With 15 years’ experience in international recruitment agencies with a focus on Africa, Marion has considerable knowledge of emerging markets. Supporting global and Pan-African multinational clients in their local and expatriate recruitment, she also develops Morgan Philips' Talent Management solutions to help them come out on top in the competition for talent. She speaks French, English and Spanish and frequently undertakes business trips to Africa.

Delphine Binsse portrait

Delphine Binsse

Senior Consultant

Prior to joining Morgan Philips Middle East and Africa, Delphine began her recruitment career in Mauritius. She started her 6 years there as an International Researcher before becoming a Recruitment Consultant for companies looking for C-Level candidates. She was deeply involved in various industries, covering retail and FMCG for both regional conglomerates and international companies (Fortune 500), focusing on support and operational functions.

Rania Khedhir portrait

Rania Khedhir

Senior Consultant

After studying Agricultural Engineering in Tunisia, Rania started her career in France in the medical field at INSERM. She completed a Master's degree in International Development Management at ESCG Paris before becoming a consultant and business developer for Middle East and Africa at an international recruitment and coaching company. Her main areas of expertise are healthcare and agro/agribusiness. Besides this professional network, she has also developed entrepreneurial projects in Tunisia over the last 5 years, mainly in the start-up sector.

Hyssein Ambouroue portrait

Hyssein Ambouroue

Senior Consultant

Hyssein joined Morgan Philips Middle East & Africa in 2018. Recently graduated from Kedge Business School in International Management & Business Strategy, he has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of African business environments and emerging markets in the EMEA region. He holds a Lebanese and Gabonese passport allowing him to perfectly grasp and master cultural, political and economic issues in the Middle East and Africa.


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