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Our recruitment solutions specialized by functions and sectors

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Our specialist recruitment solutions

Companies are transforming more and more rapidly. Jobs roles are changing and the skills expected by companies are developing. Today, there is a real shortage of talent that companies must face.
Using the latest recruiting technology, our specialized consultants can identify, select and evaluate the right talent for your needs, worldwide.

As a result, we have grouped our solutions by specialization (by roles and sector).

The industry sectors for which we provide specialist recruitment services:

IT & Digital

IT & Digital

Driven by innovation and technological advances, the IT and Digital sector is one of the most important in Luxembourg today. While it is a real job creator, organizations are struggling to find the talent they need due to skill shortages and a very competitive market. Our IT & Digital recruitment experts help you to recruit the best talents in this sector.

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Legal & Tax

The Legal & Tax sector is renewing itself: it is becoming more agile and innovative in order to keep up with, and even encourage, the acceleration of organizational transformation (remote working, digitalization, etc.). As a result of this evolution, the need to attract and retain the best specialists can be felt. Our team, composed of experts in the field, is here to help you.

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Legal & Tax
Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting

With the various crises in Europe and around the world, Finance and Accounting Departments have been put to the test. They have had to adapt quickly by reorganizing, restructuring and becoming more agile in an increasingly globalized and standardized world. Recruitment for the Finance & Accounting sectors is now a key issue for the success of a company.

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Recruitment is a major issue for startups. It is an essential step to its success as each employee has a role to play in helping the development of the company. Specialized in recruitment for startups, our consultants are trained to listen, evaluate, and implement the appropriate recruitment tools, allowing to meet the expectations of companies and candidates.

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