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Enabling people. Using science. Unlocking potential.

Talent assessment in face-to-face or online centres

A layered assessment approach that identifies modern leadership behaviours for your organisation at all levels. Our online, face-to-face and virtual assessment solutions can also be customised to meet your specific talent assessment needs.

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  • High quality psychometric assessment
  • Morgan Philips' Agility model to assess and measure agility
  • Face-to-face and virtual assessment centres
  • Bespoke centres for:
    • Board member assessment
    • Senior executive leadership assessment
    • Assessment for promotions
    • High potential assessment
    • Graduate assessment

A holistic approach to talent assessment

With a focus on providing you with a holistic view of talent, our assessment solutions are grounded in the latest science. Involving high quality psychometric assessments, aptitude tests, exercises and activities, our layered approach is specifically designed to allow participants to demonstrate their capability against your role requirements.

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t.Frame, Morgan Philips modern talent framework, highlights key behaviours required to achieve success.

At the heart of our assessment solutions, our simple, yet powerful framework, t.Frame, highlights key behaviours required to achieve success. Uniquely, at its centre is the Morgan Philips Agility model, which identifies the speed at which potential can be unlocked.

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Are you looking to improve your critical people decisions?

Our short diagnostic survey provides an unbiased assessment to help you identify the key areas where you can improve your talent strategy.

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High quality, easy to understand psychometric reports

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Questions we help answer

"How do I make objective talent decisions?"

"Is my selection process fit for purpose?"

"How can we improve the quality of our hires?"

A flexible approach to assessment

CEO assessment is very different to graduate assessment. Understanding the need for varying levels of insight and assurance, we pride ourselves on creating the right assessment approach for you.

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Online assessment

Using our modern and efficient online psychometric assessment, you will receive insights in to behavioural and motivational preferences, situational judgement, cognitive ability and agility.

Designed to be user-friendly, our psychometric reports do not require training or accreditation to use.

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Face-to-face or virtual assessment

Complementing online assessment, face-to-face and virtual assessment provides you with more objective behavioural information to better predict capability and potential.

By providing you with a flexible, layered approach, we ensure that you gain the level of insight you require in a cost-efficient manner.

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Use psychometric assessment to unlock potential.

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Talent agility

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