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Our Team in Focus: Jackie Fullerton

Our Team in Focus: Jackie Fullerton

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In September 2019, we were thrilled to welcome a new Client Partner, Jackie Fullerton, to our Executive Search team in Scotland.

We sat down with Jackie to discuss her career journey, her love of Scotland’s business landscape, as well as what motivates her in the fast-paced world of recruitment.

Q: Tell us a bit about your career journey and what led to you becoming Client Partner at MPG

Jackie: I started working in recruitment when I left school at 17 years old. Running around Glasgow City Centre with timesheets for the temps was one of my roles, giving me a great opportunity to build my confidence and learn the basics of office life!

I then moved to Milne Craig Accountants, who supported me with my professional studies and gave invaluable experience as I built up a portfolio of diverse clients. After this great experience, I was taken on by BPI plc, which had its HO in Scotland. Starting as an Assistant Accountant, I eventually progressed to Finance Director for a large international division. I thoroughly enjoyed this period in my career as I found an openness to support change programs.

The business went through many stages – growth by acquisition, rationalisation of the industry sector, implementing a multi-functional Shared Service Centre and much integration work. During this time I worked with Alistair Shaw, who is now the MD for Morgan Philips in Scotland. As our chosen recruiter, he introduced me to individuals that were able to help me on my journey as well as supported recruiting the team – 40 people, for our Shared Service Centre. In the meantime, BPI plc were acquired and then acquired again. This gave me the opportunity to think about my career and what exactly I enjoyed. After a short career break, Alistair suggested that I would be well suited to joining The Morgan Philips Group. I already had experience of working with Dane Poboka who leads the Talent Consulting team and felt that the service that they provide is something that I am passionate about and would ultimately enjoy promoting.

Q: What facets of your current role are you excited about diving into?

Jackie: I am really enjoying making contact with people that I have not seen for some time, like catching up with graduates that I had recruited who are now operating as Heads of Finance! I also love networking, explaining the Morgan Philips offering as well as meeting with senior finance candidates who are thinking of their next move and being able to use my experience to support or discuss their best options. Through this, I’m motivated by learning about and understanding what the key issues are within various market sectors.

Q: Why did joining Morgan Philips feel like the appropriate next step in your career?

Jackie: Morgan Philips is a young business that has become internationally recognised very quickly. I wanted to join a company that still had that global feel, but one that had a start-up mentality that was looking to disrupt the market. Having experienced first-hand the value Morgan Philips can bring both from staffing and within their Talent Consulting business, it felt like an easy choice.

Recruitment professionals would get nowhere if they didn’t like people. In this job, I love relationship building, solving problems and selling a service to clients that will add value to their business and achieve a positive outcome.

Q: How has talent sourcing changed for you in the past five years?

Jackie: During my time as a hiring manager, I was always looking for more from a recruiter. In the past, I could get a quick shortlist and would hire quickly, but towards the end I was looking for more insights and was indeed keen to hear more about predictive validity when hiring.  I wanted to ensure my new hires were a fit and had the correct motivations and behaviours that matched that of our current team.

This saw me looking more at Talent Consulting methods such as psychometrics and competencies which I’m delighted to say Morgan Philips excel in with their suite of products and these thoughts have been mirrored by the clients I’ve met since I joined. Some clients currently struggle with the 5 generations in the workplace, their employee value proposition and changing trends in technology; they need to rely on a strong recruitment partner. Yes, they have LinkedIn and first class in-house recruiters, but our Executive Search team still has a huge part to play for organisations looking to bring in the best leaders. We have the time and resources to support on employer branding, map the market across the globe and then apply our unique testing on potential candidates to give clients the assurance they are hiring the best.   

Q: If you could summarise the perfect executive candidate, what soft skills would they demonstrate?

Jackie: It’s difficult to find perfection, but I would say being agile is so critical. Businesses are constantly changing and it is important that executives are able to engage, inspire, deliver etc. Morgan Philips Talent Consulting have developed tests which will support any executive recruitment process or guide leadership teams to improve and drive change and growth within their business.

Q: What part of Scotland’s industry, whether in its present state or the future – or both - excites you?

Jackie: I do like a wee whisky and seeing the continued investment and growth in this industry is exciting. I admit I’m indeed looking forward to trying an Isle of Harris whisky when it’s ready.

In the meantime, the gin is very good, with a total of £10m being invested – from both private investors and the Scottish Investment Bank. I also plan on visiting the new Maccallan visitor centre after its £140m investment; I have been told it is amazing!

Q: What are your favourite news sources/blogs/industry magazines to keep up with development in the HR & Finance industries and the economy?

Jackie: The market is changing all the time, but I actually find attending networking events is the best way of hearing what is happening in the local market.

With a keen interest in the Accounting world, I follow ICAS, ACCA and CIMA as well as reading the Scottish press and Business Insider.  

Q: What do you like to do outside of work / how do you relax and de-stress?

Jackie: My main hobby is tennis. Took it up in my 30s and have been playing both socially and competitively ever since! In order to continue to play I do have to remain fit and healthy, so being active generally de-stresses me.

Q: What is your definition of a healthy work/life balance?

Jackie: Work should not seem like work. Working alongside enthusiastic, industrious, talented and fun individuals is key and the people I have met within Morgan Philips/Fyte all meet this criteria. We have a weekly Tuesday running club which I love to take part in!


To get in touch with Jackie, please don’t hesitate to email her at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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