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Innovation and flexibility are key to attracting modern talent, survey of professionals in Greater China finds

Innovation and flexibility are key to attracting modern talent, survey of professionals in Greater China finds

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Key findings:

  • Innovation and flexibility: the key to attracting modern talent

  • ‘Career advancement’ and ‘better pay’ are the top criteria for talent considering a career change

  • Organisations with tailor-made, in-house and individual-focused solutions are more likely to attract talent

  • Sales professionals are attracted to organisations with learning and growth opportunities and that embrace digital transformation

  • Unrealistic sales quotas are often the deciding factor that forces talent to seek employment elsewhere

View an infographic of some of our key findings here.

Shanghai, April 12, 2019 - A new survey of professionals in Greater China by global talent solutions firm Morgan Philips Group has revealed that innovation and flexibility play a crucial role in attracting new talent.

The survey, which interviewed over 5,000 professionals online from across a range of different industries and sectors throughout Greater China, also found candidates are drawn to “career advancement” and “better pay” when considering a career change.

Morgan Philips Group’s Managing Director of Mainland China and Hong Kong, David Ng, says: 

“Many employees struggle to fully understand the sales plan and are unaware of their individual performance or contribution. This lack of engagement combined with unrealistic sales targets often forces talented sales professionals to look for opportunities elsewhere.”

The survey also revealed that organisations with tailor-made, in-house and individual-focused solutions will stand out from the crowd.

Morgan Philips Group’s Managing Director of Taiwan, Patty Yang, says: 

“Talent are more attracted to organisations leading the digital transformation, as they seek to learn new competencies to succeed in a new and improved sales environment. Companies need to combine search methodology with the latest technology and data-driven insights to attract fresh talent, rather than relying solely on an online platform.”

CEO and Founder of Morgan Philips Group, Charles-Henri Dumon, says: 

“Organisations that embrace technology and innovation are not only more likely to outperform the competition - they’re far more likely to attract high-performing talent.”

The Talent Report Greater China 2019: Insight into Sales Force Effectiveness in the New World of Work report provides a global overview of the talent market in Greater China and unveils some interesting findings in regards to the methodologies used to attract and retain high performing talent, as well as the career aspirations and expectations of sales professionals.

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