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7 alternative tips for acing the job interview

7 alternative tips for acing the job interview

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Job interviews are never easy. 

And you know what they say – failing to prepare is preparing to fail. 

So here are 7 top alternative job interview tips that might just help you land your dream role...

1. Break the ice

Shake off a stuffy, formal atmosphere early doors by rejecting the introductory handshake for a fist bump. 

2. Stay on your toes

Remember, every question is a test. When they ask "How are you?” fire back immediately with something like "productive", "results-driven" or "mad about sustained growth."

3. Demonstrate your value

Show how good you are at delegating tasks effectively by sending a more intelligent, attractive friend to the interview in your place. 

4. Be savvy

Every interviewer worth their salt will take a look at your social media accounts beforehand. Just make sure all your photos involve you high-fiving junior executives or giving the finger gun motion to a pie chart.

5. Be personable

Be sure to learn the interviewer's name beforehand! But if you forget, just assign them a nice nickname like "Question Master", "Suitface" or "Dr Jobbo".

6. Be honest 

When they ask you to describe yourself in three words, say: "not great with numbers." 

7. Play it safe 

A common problem in interviews is that candidates don't speak up enough. Make sure you shout every answer as loudly as possible to ensure you're heard.


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Find related articles: Finding a job, Interview skills

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