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3 brands specializing in Sales & Marketing recruitment

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Our expert solutions

Place the customer experience at the center of the strategy, structure and make the data speak, identify trends, operate a 360 ° approach, present the offer, engage the customer, retain them, make them the brand ambassador, such as are the responsibilities of the marketing/sales/communication functions.

The battle for talent is a reality. Whether in terms of acquisition or retention of candidates. The acceleration of societal transformations requires new approaches and therefore a new form of agility for the profiles sought. Beyond business expertise, the marketing/sales/communication functions require an adaptable leadership style, based on co-construction, the ability to engage teams by sharing the values and vision of the company.

Our Sales & Marketing recruitment experts work on behalf of companies of all sizes (startups, micro-businesses, SMEs, mid-size companies and Key Accounts) in all business sectors (Services, Industry (energy, agrifood, transport, pharmaceutical), E-commerce, Media, Distribution and Mass Distribution)

We work on the following functions:

Sales functions:


  • Sedentary Technico-Commercial W/M
  • Sales Engineer W/M
  • Chargé d'Affaires W/M
  • Key Accounts Manager W/M
  • Export Manager W/M
  • National Sales Director W/M
  • Sales Director W/M


  • Customer Success Manager W/M
  • Inside Sales W/M
  • Sales Executive W/M
  • Channel Sales W/M
  • Global Account Manager W/M
  • Head of Sales W/M
  • Sales Director W/M
  • Marketing & Sales Director W/M

BtoB services:

  • Account Manager W/M
  • Commercial W/M
  • Sales Director W/M
  • Director/Sales Manager W/M
  • Clientele Director W/M
  • Telesales Manager W/M
  • Sedentary Sales Representative W/M
  • Commercial Key Accounts W/M

Consumer goods:

  • Sector Manager W/M
  • Regional Sales Manager W/M
  • National Key Account GMS / CHD W/M
  • E-commerce Key Account W/M
  • National Sales Director W/M
  • Retail Director W/M
  • Marketing & Sales Director W/M

Marketing and communication professions:

  • Assistant/Product Manager W/M
  • Trade Marketing Officer W/M
  • Research Manager W/M
  • Internal and / or external communication manager W/M
  • Event project manager W/M
  • Global Marketing Director W/M
  • Chief Marketing Officer W/M
  • Marketing Director W/M
  • E-commerce Director W/M
  • Marketing Manager W/M
  • Global Marketing Manager W/M
  • Product Manager W/M
  • Internal and External Communication Director W/M

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7 reasons to partner with us for all your Sales & Marketing recruitment needs:


A common language and DNA with our candidates and clients.


Unique and innovative sourcing techniques: for roles where there are acute skill shortages, it is essential to tap into all available talent pools.

  • A global database with tens of thousands of candidates specialising in Sales & Marketing.
  • Our 4 international talent search centres, based in 4 different time zones, have access to more than 250 candidate databases around the world.

Experienced and specialised consultants, with legal training or former lawyers themselves, who have extensive networks in the legal world and use the best direct approach techniques.


The use of video ads to generate 40% more applications compared to traditional job offers, especially for junior to senior management positions.


The regular creation of exclusive content and events (articles, webinars, podcasts, salary guides etc.) allowing us to attract and retain the best candidates on the market.


Club 5000, an exclusive network of experts, made up in part of sales and marketing experts and directors, who recommend us and put us in touch with the best talent in their networks.


An international network that allows us to understand the major market trends and impart this knowledge to our clients and candidates.

What remuneration for commercial functions?

What remuneration for commercial functions?

Salary study for commercial functions 2021

Carried out by our recruitment specialists, this study is based on the thousands of candidate interviews carried out and on the assignments carried out for our clients over the last 12 months.

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