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A team dedicated to the recruitment for Assistantship, Office Management & Sales Administration functions

Permanent - Fixed-term - Temporary

Assistantship, Office Management & Sales Administration functions are essential for companies to run smoothly. The tertiary sector, industry, large groups, SMEs and VSEs: all are concerned by administrative profiles.

Assisting professions are evolving at the pace of society: digital revolution, health and/or economic crisis, etc. Companies are transforming and assistantship functions must adapt to meet the new requirements to which employees and managers are subjected.

Today, more than ever, companies are looking for expert profiles that are increasingly versatile and specialised. Managers' expectations regarding the skills of their assistants are increasingly high. The assistant is now expected to be a collaborator, working in "project mode" and accompanying his manager in the changes of his own job. In addition to the essential know-how, soft skills are equally important: more than 70% of positions in the Assistantship sector are based on the validation of non-technical skills.

The expectations in terms of skills, background and personality are as complex as ever, which is why it is essential to surround yourself with professionals to search for, find and attract the best talents in Assistantship, Office Management & Sales Administration within your organisation.

Our consultants specialised in recruitment of Assistants & Sales assist you and put all their skills at the service of your search in order to offer you suitable profiles as soon as possible.

Our recruitment experts select Assistantship, Office Management & Sales Administration talents in the following sectors:

Industry (pharmaceutical, automotive, food industry, ...) icon

Industry (pharmaceutical, automotive, food industry, ...)

IT & Digital (Scale-up, ESN, digital agencies, ...) icon

IT & Digital (Scale-up, ESN, digital agencies, ...)

Energy & Environment icon

Energy & Environment

Banking & Financial Services icon

Banking & Financial Services

Construction & Real Estate icon

Construction & Real Estate

Distribution, Retail & FMCG icon

Distribution, Retail & FMCG

Luxury icon


Consulting, Accounting & Law Firms icon

Consulting, Accounting & Law Firms

Tourism & Leisure icon

Tourism & Leisure

Business Services icon

Business Services

We work on the following Assistantship, Office Management & Sales Administration functions:

  • Executive Assistant F/H
  • Sales Assistant F/H
  • Administrative Assistant F/H 
  • Management Assistant F/H
  • Personnel Assistant F/H
  • Educational Assistant F/H
  • Sales Assistant F/H
  • Service Assistant F/H
  • General Services Assistant F/H
  • Office Manager F/H
  • Receptionist F/H
  • Data Entry Operator F/H 
  • Archivist F/H
  • Documentalist F/H 

Contact our expert in Assistantship, Office Management & Sales Administration recruitment

Chloe Boillot portrait

Chloe Boillot

Director Finance & Accounting / Assistantship & Office Management

Chloé manages and leads the Finance & Accounting and Assistanat & ADV divisions of FYTE. She joined FYTE in 2014 as a Consultant in the field of Assistanat & ADV. She quickly evolved to the positions of Senior Consultant, Manager, Senior Manager before taking over the management of the Finance & Accounting division in July 2019. In April 2023, Chloé will also take over the management of the Assistanat & ADV division. With a university degree in communication, she started her career in communication and then in sales animation management.

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8 reasons to entrust us with the recruitment of your talents for Assistantship, Office Management & Sales Administration functions


A common DNA and language with our clients and candidates


The creation of video CVs, which allow candidates to increase their chances of getting an interview by 35%


Unique and innovative sourcing techniques: for this type of scarce profile, it is essential to use all available sources of talent

  • Our international database with tens of thousands of specialised candidates
  • Our 4 international talent centres, based in 4 different time zones, have access to over 250 candidate databases worldwide

Experienced and specialised consultants with a strong network in the world of assistants and sales administration, using the best techniques of direct approach to candidates


The use of video ads to generate 40% more applications than traditional job ads, especially for junior to senior management positions


The regular creation of exclusive content and events (articles, webinars, podcasts, salary surveys, etc.) enabling us to attract and retain the best candidates on the market


An exclusive network of experts, the Club 5000, composed in part of HRDs, General Managers, General Secretaries, Sales & Marketing Directors, Finance Directors, etc., who recommend us and put us in touch with the best talents in their network


An international network that allows us to understand the major market trends and share them with our clients and candidates

What are the latest trends in Assistantship, Office Management & Sales Administration?

Quelles sont les dernières tendances en Assistanat & ADV ?

Salary and job guide for the Assistantship, Office Management & Sales Administration roles

This salary and role survey is based on assignments completed for our clients and candidate interviews conducted by our teams over the last 12 months.

Download our study of the salaries of Assistants

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