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The benefits of using psychometrics

The benefits of using psychometrics

The use of psychometric assessments often stirs up debate, which is always interesting. I find that the criticisms are, generally, unwarranted. In reality, if you use a highly validated tool, from a reputable company, these assessments provide an immense amount of value for both selection and development.

The benefits of using psychometrics: Fair selection

Research shows that application forms, references and interviews (if not conducted properly) are rarely good at predicting which people will perform well. They are influenced by people’s preconceptions and biases. Assessments which have been demonstrated as reliable and valid to the job role allow a fair comparative method of selecting candidates based on the criteria identified for good performance.

The benefits of using psychometrics: Significant cost savings

The cost of poor recruitment is currently estimated at 30-40% of an individual’s annual salary. Using psychometrics which focus on finding candidates most likely to perform well in the workplace dramatically reduces the chance of making a selection error.

The benefits of using psychometrics: Increased employee engagement

The inclusion of environment fit reports enables consideration to be given to the impact that an organisation’s culture will have on candidate performance. Client studies have shown that a 10% increase in employee commitment equals a 6% increase in employee effort which equates to a 2% increase in performance. Increases in employee commitment result in higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction.

The benefits of using psychometrics: Spotting potential for future talent pipelines

Behavioural assessments allow candidate strengths to be verified and weaknesses probed to better match individuals to job roles. The depth of information provided ultimately allows for talent to be identified and developed faster which will have a significant impact on any organisation’s financial standing.

James Moore

Managing Director, Morgan Philips Talent Consulting UK






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