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How to get significant business benefits by driving digital transformation

Use cases and learnings WEBINAR


We at Morgan Philips want to share our know-how with you. This is why we created Morgan Philips Talks and within our series of webinars in different areas like Life Sciences, IT, Digitalisation, Tech, Fintech, Logistics, Circular Economy, Sustainability, Human Resources, we´ll talk to experts who share their insights, learnings and experiences from across the globe.

Are you working on adopting and adapting to digitalisation?

It is a crucial factor across industries to compete and succeed!

In our first webinar we have tackled the topic of “How to get significant business benefits by driving digital transformation – use cases and learnings”

Our speaker, Robert Sjöström, Senior Advisor to CEO (former President Global Operational Services) of Essity Group, a global Hygiene and Health company and Elyas Bozan, Managing Director of Morgan Philips Germany have addressed the challenges of a digital transformation process.


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Do you know how to successfully transform your company?

Robert Sjöström pointed out critical factors and explained why change management is crucial to success and overall benefits.

Robert: “You should avoid too much focus on technology because, I can tell you, technology will work. It's more difficult with people, so you have to secure more focus on data also and processes on how to work. (…) You have to train, and educate, and explain to all involved why we're changing.”

The webinar covered both, a strategic perspective on the transformation process as well as real use cases in Demand & Supply Planning, Transformation Planning, Price Management, and Digital Solutions.

Get the full insights by accessing the recording.

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