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The acceleration of societal transformations requires new approaches and therefore a new form of agility for the profiles sought. Beyond business expertise, marketing, sales and communication functions require an adaptable leadership style, based on co-construction and the ability to get teams on board by sharing the company's values and vision.

Placing the customer experience at the centre of the strategy, identifying trends, taking a 360° approach, presenting the offer, engaging the customer, building loyalty and making them the brand's ambassador - these are the responsibilities of the Sales, Marketing and Communication functions. With the talent war raging, it is necessary to surround oneself with experts in the field so that they can effectively identify the profiles that best correspond to the objectives of any type of company.

Our sales, marketing and communication recruitment experts work with companies of all sizes (start-ups, SMEs, medium and big companies) in private & public sectors.

Sales roles we specialise in:

  • Inside Sales
  • Sales Support
  • Sales Promotor
  • Account Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Buyer
  • Procurement Director
  • Sales Director
  • Head of Sales
  • Sales Engineer
  • Business Manager

*This list is non-exhaustive and does not cover all the functions that our experts are able to work on.

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Marketing & Communications roles we specialise in:

  • Product Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Head of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Trade Marketer
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing & Communication expert

*This list is non-exhaustive and does not cover all the functions that our experts are able to work on.

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Contact our experts

Cesar Legrand Le Bris portrait
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Cesar Legrand Le Bris

Consultant – Sales & Marketing

Tel: +32 493 996 381 Find me on LinkedIn
Edouard Van Ginderdeuren portrait
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Edouard Van Ginderdeuren

Managing Director Belgium

Tel: +32 498 567 061 Find me on LinkedIn

7 reasons to partner with us for all your Sales, Marketing & Communication recruitment needs:


A common DNA and language for our clients and candidates.


A unique and innovative sourcing technique, useful for positions where there is a severe skills shortage. We can also tap into all available talent pools thanks to:

  • Our global database containing thousands of candidates specialising in Sales, Marketing and Communications.
  • 4 talent search centres (Mauritius, Zhuhai, Philippines and Mexico) have access to over 250 global candidate databases.

Specialist consultants from the trades for which they recruit and who use the best techniques for approaching candidates directly.


The use of video adverts generates 40% more applications, from junior to more experienced positions.


Creation of new content (articles, webinars, podcasts, salary surveys), creating a community that attracts and retains the best candidates in the marketplace.


An exclusive expert network, the Club 5000, that advises us and puts us in touch with the best talents in their network.


An international network that allows us to understand the major market trends enabling us to share those insights with our clients and candidates.

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