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Technological transformation, political instability, not to mention five different generations of workers in the workplace at once; the world as we know it is changing, and so must we.

To succeed in uncertain times, organisations need to transform their thinking and approach to talent. Download our free resources below for thought-leading insights and analysis by our experts:

The New World of Work – Executive Briefing

Forget about the “future of work”. Attitudes to work, organisational structures and effective leadership styles have already changed and continue to evolve. The new world of work is not a future concept, it is here today.

What has emerged is a flatter, more agile organisation where alignment around a common purpose, employee empowerment and cross functional collaboration are the norm.

Our in-depth study examines the forces behind the rapid change in organisations and sets out practical pointers for what leaders need to consider now.

The briefing document focuses on:

  • Leadership styles
  • Characteristics of the "new world" organisation
  • Organisational structures
  • Talent acquisition, selection, development and retention
  • Productivity
  • Employee engagement

Is your organisation ready for the new world of work?

download the executive briefing PDF

Download the executive briefing

Organisational purpose – Executive Briefing

An organisation’s purpose is more than just a statement - it drives strategy and structure, decision-making, recruitment and employee development, as well as customer and stakeholder relationships - its influence permeates all aspects of the organisation.

Here’s why you need to take purpose seriously:

  • 90% of employees in purpose-driven companies report feeling more engaged
  • Six in 10 millennials believe a “sense of purpose” is part of the reason they chose to work for their current employers
  • 87% of consumers said performance is best over time if purpose goes before profit.

The briefing focuses on:

  • Why your organisation needs a purpose
  • How a purpose statement differs from vision, values and mission statements
  • The ROI of having an organisational purpose
  • What an effective purpose statement looks like
  • Why purpose is key to attracting new talent
  • The reason corporate purpose needs to align with individual purpose
  • How to find purpose-driven individuals

Selling the benefits of purpose

How do you sell the benefits of a purpose-driven organisation internally? It’s no easy task. Much is talked about the power of purpose - but purpose only has power when your people buy into it. But, where do you start?

Watch the full videos from our interactive HR masterclass session to unlock:

  • The commercial imperative for adopting and embedding an organisational purpose
  • How purpose fits with your EVP and wider brand
  • Aligning personal purpose with the organisational purpose
  • Getting employee buy-in to your purpose.

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The Times; Future of HR Report

Human resources, or HR, is about people, but in an age of digital technology and changing expectations, putting employees at the heart of business has never been more challenging. The Future of HR special report, published in The Times, explores how artificial intelligence can free up time to be “human”, what HR directors should learn from customer experience, and how technology can help spot and fix problems before talented people quit. Also featured is comment on how soft skills need a reboot, debate for and against a four-day week, and an infographic covering lack of diversity in Silicon Valley.


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