Pragmatic, practical talent solutions.

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Enabling organisations to transform and succeed through people.

Morgan Philips Hudson Talent Consulting combines the scientific expertise of Hudson with the entrepreneurial, high-tech, high-touch approach of Morgan Philips.

We work with leadership teams seeking to transform, adapt and grow their organisations by helping them better understand the key people issues they face and how to address them effectively.

An integrated, cost-effective approach

Our approach is designed to be cost-effective as it focuses on the real issues you face and supports you throughout the process of driving transformation and change in your organisation.


Focusing in on the issues that matter most.

Our business psychologists and HR professionals will work with you to diagnose the particular issues your organisation faces. Using our unique diagnostic tools, backed up by data and reinforced by our insight, you’ll find that we will challenge you to really understand your people issues you face.


A bespoke programme designed to your particular needs.

Based upon our diagnosis, we will design a bespoke programme for you to deliver transformation, turnaround and growth. Your bespoke programme will utilise Hudson’s scientifically proven suite of tools and methodologies to deliver an effective change programme.


Expert implementation support ensures your programme is embedded effectively.

We will guide you through the implementation and embedding of your programme, utilising our network of experienced consultants and facilitators.


Specialist support to help you find, assess and recruit the talent you need.

Should your programme identify the need to bring on board fresh talent our colleagues in Morgan Philips Executive Search will support you in your assessment and recruitment processes, ensuring that your new hires best match the profiles that you require.

Why we're different.

You’ll find that working with Morgan Philips Hudson Talent Consulting is different to working with other consultants.

We focus on the issues that really matter in achieving your objectives.

Our approach is underpinned by proven scientific tools and methodologies, based upon 20+ years’ experience.

We provide data and evidence to back up our recommendations.

We work with you to define and measure what success will look like.

If we think that your money can be better spent, we’ll tell you.

We do not adopt a "one size fits all" approach. Our solution will be bespoke to you.

We offer an end-to-end solution, supporting you throughout.

We do not claim to be experts at everything. But we do have an eco-system of experts to support you.

We’ll challenge you to think differently – and provide you with data to reassure you.

We are agile and forward thinking – we’re regularly at the forefront of thinking in order to remain relevant.

At the forefront of thinking - resources to help you succeed

The world of work has changed and continues to evolve. Our resources are not only designed to help you better understand those changes, they provide practical advice on the action you need to take.


The new world of work is not a future concept, it's already here. In this executive briefing, we analyse the forces driving rapid change in today's workplace, and set out practical pointers for leaders to consider.


Why does your organisation exist? What's its purpose for being? Dr Tim Sparkes, Morgan Philips business psychologist, looks at how organisations succeed with purpose.

How we help organisations transform and succeed.

No two organisations are the same and our programmes will be designed to meet your particular needs, as identified in your diagnostic phase. Here are some examples of the areas we have worked with organisations.

Defining and embedding your organisational purpose

Designing organisational competency frameworks

Organisational mindset mapping

Designing an organisational leadership blueprint

Defining and embedding your organisation’s culture

The type of questions leaders ask us.

What type of people will we need in the future?

How can we remain competitive in the face of disruptors in our market?

What attributes will our future leaders need and how do we measure them?

How can we drive greater diversity and inclusion in the organisation?

How can we improve employee engagement?

How do we drive and sustain productivity?

How can we attract the right talent in a highly competitive marketplace?

How can we improve the performance of our managers?

How do we drive growth? 

How can we improve talent retention rates?